Resource Center Food Drive


Monday, June 24, 2024 (All day) to Friday, July 5, 2024 (All day)


Resource Center


Do you have extra food in your kitchen cupboards? A spare can of pineapples or tomato sauce, perhaps? If you do and are willing to part with them, you can give them to a good cause. Between June 24th(Mon) and July 5th (Fri), the Resource Center will accept food donations. These will later be sent to the local non-profit organization “Second Harvest Okinawa,” which will distribute them to families in need. This time, four Okinawa Bank branches are helping our Food Drive by setting up Food Drive boxes in their branches. The foods collected at their branches will be delivered to OIST.

What should I donate? Non-perishable items such as Japanese rice, dry noodles, canned food, and condiments. Please ensure a donated item has more than one month until its expiration date. For more information, see the attached pdf or look for Food Drive posters around campus.

Why now? When school enters a vacation, schoolchildren lose access to school lunches.

Why donate? Giving back is a great way to help others and strengthen communities. Even a small amount makes a difference!


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