Cancelling Leases/Utilities Contracts

Canceling Aparment Leases/Utilities Contracts

Apartment Utilities

You should start keeping your utility receipts a few months before planning to leave, as they have the phone numbers of the respective companies printed on them. Not all OIST members have the same utility companies. If you need help calling around to shut off utilities, please feel free to ask the Resource Center.
It is advisable that you make sure to leave sufficient funds in your account to cover one to two month's worth of bills - companies often bill this far behind, and you don't want the expense of wiring money from your home country if you haven’t left enough cash. You can make arrangements with a trusted friend to close your bank account after all your bills have been taken care of. 

Paying Your Final Bill in Cash 
You can arrange to have the meters read on your last day and pay the amount you owe at that time. Contact the utility companies and tell them what date you would like to close your accounts by.
At the very latest, inform them at least one week before your date of departure. Contact information can usually be found on the bill.

Note: While you can pay the final bill on the spot, if you normally pay by automatic bank transfer, and the previous month's bill has not yet come out of your bank account, you will have to leave your bank account open until the payment has been deducted. If you normally pay at the convenience store, you will need to pay your bills there as usual too. The meter reader will only accept payment for what they read that day.

Paying Your Final Bill by Automatic Bank Transfer 
If you usually have your bills withdrawn directly from your bank account, you may be able to have your final payments withdrawn after you leave Japan. Make sure to contact your utility companies and confirm that this is possible. If you choose this option, you'll have to leave sufficient funds in your bank account, and arrange for someone to close your account once all the payments have been withdrawn.

Cancelling Your Utilities and other Subscriptions

If your utilities are not linked to your apartment rent, you will have to cancel them individually. Below are general instructions about how to go about doing so:

Water (水道 Suido)

When you call,  you usually need to give your name, address, customer number (お客様コード or お客様番号) that is written on the bill, and the date you wish the utility to stop. You must call at least 5 days in advance of the date. A representative of the company will come to your apartment to collect the final payment on the day you wish the utility to stop or you can pay directly from your bank account if you intend to keep the account open. You will have to tell the operator when you call which final payment method you will use. For some companies, it is also possible to arrange everything online, however you will usually need someone who can read Japanese to help you. 

Gas  (ガス Gasu)
Check your bill to see which company you use, and what the cancellation number is. Look for the kanji お引越し (for moving), the number listed below should be the correct one. If you aren't sure which number to call, bring a bill to the Resource Center and have someone check the number and opening hours. Cancellation procedures should be similar to those for water.

City Gas (都市ガス Toshi Gasu)

Same procedure as with city water. It is also possible to arrange everything by internet, however you will need someone who can read Japanese to help you.

Electricity (電力 Denryoku)

Same procedure as with the water and gas company. It is  sometimes also possible to arrange everything by internet, however you will need someone who can read Japanese to help you.

Remember to arrange for cancellation and payment of:
- parking space 
- credit cards 
- gym memberships 
- newspaper and magazine subscriptions 
Most will require at least one month's notice.