Call for volunteers for Green Okinawa posts

Dear OISTers,

The Green Okinawa team led by the Resource Center is looking for volunteers to help develop the Green Okinawa information series.

We are looking for OISTers from across the community to share their practical know-how, help research locally relevant information, and draft the posts. We are looking for inputs on the following topics:


  • Solar energy at home.


  • Electric vehicles and greener driving habits.
  • Car-free trips around Okinawa (survey gathering OISTers’ tips).


  • Conservation efforts in Okinawa.

Reducing waste

  • Recycling mobile phones and other electronics.
  • Recycling large household items.
  • What 'mottainai' means to you (survey of OISTers' examples of mottainai)


  • Grow your own veggies in Okinawa
  • Sustainable fish.
  • Local produce.


  • Japanese labels for environmentally friendly products
  • Eco-friendly kit for babies and children.
  • Products using sustainable palm oil
  • Buy, sell, donate and recycle secondhand books

Please get in touch with the Resource Center team using this webform to get involved in writing and researching the posts, and please find more details here.

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