Access Information to/from Okinawa Prefectural Driver's License Center

To go to the Driver's License Center from OIST

1. Take the OIST shuttle bus going to Ishikawa IC

2. From Ishikawa IC, take either #111 or #117 express bus towards Naha (make sure the bus goes towards Naha as buses going opposite direction are also using the same bus stop)

3. Get off at Naha bus terminal and change the bus

4. Take one of the buses with following numbers #55,56,88,98 towards Tomishiro

5. Get off at "Michi-no eki Toyosaki" bus stop

To come back from the Driver's License Center to OIST

1. At “Michi-no eki Toyosaki” bus stop (across the road from Nitori, the furniture store located near the Driver's License Center), take a bus going to Naha bus terminal - the buses going to bus terminal are: #55, 56, 88, 98 (Please make sure that the bus you are getting is going to Naha bus terminal)

2. From the bus terminal, take either #111 or #117 express bus going towards Nago to Ishikawa IC.

3. From Ishikawa IC, take the OIST shuttle bus to come back to OIST.