FY2013 Visitors

13th - 15th November 2013

Shigeki Onoda, Senior Research Scientist, RIKEN

27th - 29th October 2013   

Masafumi Udagawa, Research Associate, Department of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo             

15th September - 7th October 2013

Gunner Möller, Early Career Fellow, University of Cambridge

12th - 14th September 2013 

Yang-hao Chan, Graduate Student Research Assistant, University of Michigan               

9th - 11th September 2013

Karim Essafi, Postdoc, Pierre and Marie Curie University

15th - 17th July 2013 

Karlo Penc, Professor, Institute for solid state for physics and optics, Wigner RCP of the H.A.S and Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo

8th - 17th July 2013                                                                                      

Olga Sikora, Postdoc, National Taiwan University

28th - 29th May 2013 

Ken Harada, Chief Scientist, Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.

21st - 25th May 2013

Sir Michael Berry, Professor Emiritus, University of Bristol              

18th April 2013 

Paul Attfield, Professor, University of Edinburgh

4th - 6th April 2013

Yoshitomo Kamiya, Los Alamos National Laboratory                                                                          

Seminar: “Magnetic vortex crystals in frustrated Mottinsulator”

1st - 17th March 2013 

Philippe Sindzingre, Professor, Condensed matter theory laboratory, UPMC Paris

24th February - 4th March 2013

George Jackeli, Keimer's department, MPI-FKF Stuttgart

27th - 28th February 2013 

Hidenori Takagi, Professor at University of Tokyo and Director at MPI-FKF Stuttgart   

27th February - 17th May 2013

Luis Seabra, Postdoc, MPI-PKS Dresden                   

7th - 10th January 2013

Roderich Moessner, Professor and Director of Condensed Matter Department, MPI-PKS Dresden

6th - 8th January 2013   

Zenji Hiroi, Professor, ISSP, University of Tokyo