Seminar: “Nonperturbative Renormalization Group Approach to Anisotropic Systems" Dr. Karim Essafi (UPMC)


2013年9月10日 (火) 13:00 14:00


C016, Lab 1


Seminar by Dr. Karim Essaifi (UPMC) on Sep 10th from 1pm-2pm 


“Nonperturbative Renormalization Group Approach to Anisotropic Systems”


Dr. Karim Essafi, University Pierre and Marie CURIE (UPMC), Paris

Sep 10th (Tue) at 13:00-14:00 in C016, Lab1

Anisotropic systems are present both in equilibrium and nonequilibrium critical phenomena and in high-energy physics. The important property of these systems is that their critical behaviour is characterized by an anisotropic scale invariance (ASI). In this talk I will present the nonperturbative renormalization group (NPRG) approach used to study two different cases, Lifshitz Critical Behaviour (LCB) and anisotropic membranes, both displaying anisotropic scaling. In these anisotropic systems, the usual perturbative renormalization group (RG) either leads to huge technical difficulties and/or non-physical results. The NPRG approach is free of the problems encountered within the perturbative framework and provides physically meaningful critical quantities.


Hosted by Theory of Quantum Matter (Nic ShannonU Unit 

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Theory of Quantum Matter (Nic Shannon) Unit
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