FY2023 Visitors

March 18-29
Prof. Karlo Penc - HUN-REN Wigner Research Centre for Physics

Crystalline phases and devil's staircase in qubit spin ice

March 5-22
Dr. Yuki Amari - Keio University

Domain-wall skyrmions in chiral magnets

February 27-March 21
Dr. Kimberly Remund - NYCU National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

SCGA for Spin-1 Magnets

February 26-27
Prof. Han Yan - The University of Tokyo

Designing Light in an Artificial Universe

February 2-16
Prof. Rico Pohle - Keio University

Ground state of the S=1/2 pyrochlore Heisenberg antiferromagnet: A quantum spin liquid emergent from dimensional reduction

January 22-Feburary 19
Prof. Robert Joynt - Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Education in Quantum Science at the Master's Degree Level

Adaptive quantum optimization algorithms for ising-like models

February 7-9
Mr. Kaito Kobayashi - The University of Tokyo

Quantum reservoir probing of nonequilibrium information propagation in diverse quantum systems

December 14-15
Dr. Fumiya Kakizawa - Saitama University, Japan

Monte Carlo study on low-temperature phase diagrams of the J1-J2 classical XY kagome antiferromagnet

August 28-29
Prof. Masafumi Udagawa - Gakushuin University, Japan

Local detection of Majorana zero mode in Kitaev’s chiral spin liquid

August 27 - Sep 1
Prof. Akio Tomiya - IPUT Osaka, Japan

Equivariant Transformer is All You Need

April 22-25
Dr. Ayushi Singhania - IFW Dresden, Germany

Disorder effects in the Kitaev-Heisenberg model

April 24-27
Dr. Pranay Patil - MPI-PKS, Dresden, Germany

Weakly first-order quantum phase transition between Spin Nematic and Valence Bond Crystal Order in a square lattice SU(4) fermionic model

April 18-21
Dr. Tsutomu Momoi - RIKEN, Japan

Dynamics of spin nematics in a magnetic field: A comparison with canted antiferromagnets