Seminar “Variational Monte Carlo method with tensor product wave function" Dr. Olga Sikora (National Taiwan University)


2013年7月12日 (金) 13:30 14:30


C016, Lab 1


Theory of Quantum Matter Unit would like to invite you to a seminar by Dr. Olga Sikora, National Taiwan University, to be held tomorrow (Fri, 12th July) at 13:30-14:30 in C016, Lab 1.



Variational Monte Carlo method with tensor product wave function

Dr. Olga Sikora, National Taiwan University

Fri 12th July 13:30-14:30 at C016, Lab1

      Combining tensor network methods with variational Monte Carlo optimization is one of the promising methods of studying many body problems. We apply this approach in two-dimensions by using tensor-product based projection operators to optimize a variational wave function describing fermionic or bosonic systems. I will begin by introducing quantum variational Monte Carlo technique, then I will demonstrate our method for the tight binding model with nearest neighbors repulsion on a square lattice. Our study  is motivated by a recent work by  Chung-Pin Chou, Frank Pollmann and Ting-Kuo Lee,  Phys. Rev. B 86, 041105(R), where matrix product based projected wave functions were considered as trial functions for Variational Monte Carlo simulations in one dimension.




We hope many of you will come !

Shiho Saito (, Theory of Quantum Matter Unit

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Theory of Quantum Matter (Nic Shannon) Unit
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