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Featured in Physics


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Featured on the OIST website,, TechXplore, Technology Networks and ScienceDaily.

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Judit Romhányi
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"Identification of Antiferromagnetic Domains Via the Optical Magnetoelectric Effect"
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Highly Cited Paper
Identified by Web of Science as being in the top 1% of Physics publications on the basis of citations in the field and publication year; top 10 most-cited papers in Phys. Rev. B in 2017.


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Owen Benton
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Selected for inclusion in Kaleidoscope.

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Rico Pohle, Owen Benton and L. D. C. Jaubert
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Owen Benton, L. D. C. Jaubert, Han Yan and Nic Shannon
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Andrew Smerald and Nic Shannon
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Owen Benton, Olga Sikora and Nic Shannon
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Luis Seabra, Philippe Sindzingre, Tsutomu Momoi and Nic Shannon
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Hiroaki T. Ueda, Yutaka Akagi and Nic Shannon
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"A Kagome Map of Spin Liquids from XXZ to Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Ferromagnet"
Karim Essafi, Owen Benton and L.D.C. Jaubert
Nature Communications 7, 10297 (2016)
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L.D.C. Jaubert 
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Invited paper for the special issue on "Quantum Spin Ice and Liquid in Geometrically Frustrated Magnets"

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L.D.C. Jaubert and Roderich Moessner 
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Andrew Smerald, Hiroaki T. Ueda and Nic Shannon 
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Selected for inclusion in Kaleidoscope.

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Featured as a Research Highlight in Nature Physics. 

"Reflection and refraction process of spinwave in a ferromagnet/frustrated ferromagnet junction system"
Y. Sasaki and H. T. Ueda
J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 82 (2013) 074604

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A. Smerald
Springer, 2013.
University of Bristol PhD thesis, singled out for publication as a Springer Thesis

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N. Shannon
Nature Physics 9, 326–327 (2013)
News and Views article on Nature Physics 9, 353–356 (2013).

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Owen Benton, Olga Sikora and Nic Shannon
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