Recent Research Highlights

"Electromagnetism on Ice : from quantum spin ice to protons in water ice" [video of presentation and slides, related preprint.]
Nic Shannon,
Kavli Intitute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara, USA, 21st July 2015.  
From the KITP Program: "New Phases and Emergent Phenomena in Correlated Materials with Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling" (Lsmatter15).

"Topological defects in Quantum Spin Nematics" [related preprint].
Yutaka Akaagi,
Invited talk at the "International Conference on Magnetism" (ICM2015),  Barcelona, Spain, 10th July 2015.


Current Year

Invited Oral Presentations:

  1. Nic Shannon “Frustrating quantum spin ice", Conference on “Topological States and Phase Transitions in Strongly Correlated Systems, Beijing, China (2017.07.20)
  2. Nic Shannon “How many spin liquids are there in Ca10Cr7O28 ?", University of Oxford (2017.07.10)
  3. Nic Shannon “Frustrating quantum spin ice: a tale of three spin liquids, and hidden order", Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Canada (2017.06.08)
  4. Nic Shannon “Quantum Water Ice”, ISSP, University of Tokyo (2017.05.29)
  5. Nic Shannon “Quantum Water Ice”, CEMS, RIKEN (2017.05.18)

Conferences and Workshops:

  1. Karim Essafi "Chiral Spin Liquids & Anomalous Hall Effect on the Kagome Lattice", 28th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Gothenburg, Sweden (2017.08.14)


  1. Karim Essafi "Why Symmetry Matters", OIST internal seminar (2017.06.21)