Licensing Opportunities

OIST Technology Licensing Section seeks out partners in industry with whom OIST researchers can work to develop new technologies. Potential partners are invited to contact the Technology Licensing Section:

  • to license existing technologies from our patent portfolio
  • to collaborate to further develop technologies from our technology portfolio
  • to find members of the OIST research community with expertise in specific areas
  • to propose projects that may be of mutual interest

The Technology Transfer Manager can be contacted at or +81-(0)98-966-8937.

A selection of technologies currently available for licensing is listed below:

Patent Movie News
Artificial Intelligence            
  Efficient Goal Estimation for Intelligent Systems
WO 2017/159126

JP only
    Doya Unit
Drug Discovery            
  Anti-Cancer Drug Screening WO 2011/155253       Kitano Unit
  Disarming Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria WO 2014/133197        
  Micro & Nano Patterned Multiplex Biomaterials WO 2017/135309       Shen Unit
  Multi-well Plate with Uniform Electric Field WO 2017/047098     Shen Unit
  Synthesis of Novel Pharmaceutical Synthons WO 2014/058035       Tanaka Unit
  Sulfone-substituted Cyclopropanes and Their One-step Synthesis WO 2019/035479   STG
  2D FFT with Simultaneous Edge Artifact Removal WO 2017/013877   Skoglund Unit
  Increased and Prolonged Catalytic Activity of Noble Metal Nano-Catalysts​ WO 2017/002357       Sowwan Unit
  Nanocrystallization of Amorphous Silicon Quantum Dots WO 2014/141662       Sowwan Unit
  pH-Responsive Nanosheets WO 2015/125488       Sowwan Unit
  Enhanced Force Measurement WO 2015/186356       Bandi Unit
  Temperature Contolled Microfluidic Platform WO 2017/222079       Shen Unit
  Parabolic Reflector Based Scheme For Variable Ellipsometry Filed       Nic Chormaic Unit
Renewable Energy            
  Renewable Energy Forecast Error Correction WO 2016/136237     Bandi Unit
  Alternative Energy Devices and Methods Based on Perovskite WO 2016/027450   Qi Unit
  High & Throughput Nanoplasmonic Bioassay Chips WO 2018/194184 Shen Unit
  In-situ Growth and Nanoparticle Decoration of Nanowires WO 2017/033444     Sowwan Unit
  Ultrasensitive Nitrogen Oxide/Dioxide Gas Sensor Based On Iron Nanocubes WO 2018/004011   Sowwan Unit
  All-Optical Nano-Positioner US10215923     Nic Chormaic Unit
  Pulling Apart Photoexcited Electrons​ Filed     Dani Unit
  Sustainable Wastewater Treatment by Bio-Electrochemical Waster to Energy MFC Filed   Goryannin Unit
  Möbius Kaleidocycle WO 2019/167941     Fried Unit