Helping Launch the Next-Gen of Seed-Stage Science and Technology Startups

By catalyzing startups in Okinawa, OIST aims to strengthen the innovation ecosystem around the university and contribute to self-sustaining economic development in the region.

We accelerate breakthroughs by fostering collaborations between startups, seasoned companies from Japan, and international players keen on partnering with OIST. We unite a passionate community of innovators around OIST, dedicated to crafting solutions for the globe's most critical challenges. And beyond just ideas, we seed a brighter future for Okinawa, spawning new industries and pioneering high-tech jobs.


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OIST Innovation Incubator is a facility for Technology-based Startups

The facility is equipped with shared offices, shared equipment and shared lab. It is open to startup companies as well as established companies that wish to collaborate with OIST. The 500m2 pre-fab facility is located in the R&D Zone of the OIST Main Campus. The facility accommodates up to 40 people in a mixed-use office and lab setting.

Our Members

EF Polymer

Organic Super Absorbent Polymer made by biowaste


Organic residue treatment systems using insects and bacteria and next-generation wastewater treatment systems using power-generating bacteria.


Software platform that identifies the genes in micro-organisms that are responsible for producing useful substances that can be used in new drugs, etc.ㄑ