OIST Innovation Network (INO)

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OIST Innovation Network (INO) is a platform for the industry to build relationships with OIST faculty, researchers, and students to gain valuable insight into the University’s cutting-edge research, education, and innovation activities.  Companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and other individuals are invited to apply for membership.


We offer two levels of Membership. The benefits are described below.

Regular Membership 
  • Networking events with OIST researchers and other industry leaders
  • Facilitated access to faculty, researchers, students, and startups
  • Regular updates on OIST research results and commercialization activities
  • Acknowledgement in the Program’s website and publications
Premium Membership 

Premium Members will enjoy additional benefits to Regular Membership such as:

  • Exclusive roundtable event around a shared topic
  • Access to OIST conference and meeting facilities at no cost
  • Opportunities to sponsor scientific seminars and workshops
  • Custom recruitment events targeting students and researchers
  • Dedicated Program Manager to facilitate engagement

Membership Fee

The annual membership fee is listed below.  The program will run from April 1st to March 31st of each year.  Please contact us on how to apply.

  • Regular Member - 55,000 JPY tax incl.
  • Premium Member - 550,000 JPY tax incl.



Interested in joining?  Have questions?  Please contact us at ino@oist.jp



What is "INO"?

“INO” is Okinawan for “lagoon,” an active ecosystem of its own and an integral part of the larger ocean. Through exchanges with our industry members, INO will be a lagoon of innovation, one that is close-knit and diverse but connected to the wider world.