INO Membership Rules

OIST Innovation Network
Terms of Use, as of 2023/4/11


The OIST Innovation Network (the "INO") is a membership-based platform program that aims at enabling an open dialogue with industry partners and facilitating their engagement with our research, education, and innovation activities so as to build a community of innovation seekers around the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology School Corporation ("OIST").

Please read these terms of use (the "Terms") carefully before applying to become a member of the INO (a "Member" and "Membership" shall be construed accordingly). In consideration of OIST accepting your application to become a Member, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

These Terms form the basis of the contract through which OIST will deliver membership benefits (the "Benefits") to you.

  1. Members
    1. OIST welcomes applications from corporations, organizations, and individuals to join the INO.  Application needs to be reviewed and approved by OIST prior to joining INO.
    2. In the case of corporations and organizations, the Benefits are available to the officers and employees of each Member (each an "Employee").
    3. Each Member shall designate one Employee as primary point of contact for OIST in relation to the INO.
  2. Benefits
    1. Membership is offered in two categories, Regular Membership and Premium Membership, with specific associated Benefits.
    2. A Regular Member will receive the following Benefits during a Membership Year:
      1. invitation to networking event(s);
      2. facilitated access to OIST’s faculty;
      3. facilitated access to, and regular updates on, OIST’s technologies and startup companies supported by OIST.
      4. display of their organizational logo on the INO’s web page.
    3. A Premium Member will receive the Benefits of a Regular Member, plus the following Benefits during a Membership Year:
      1. invitation to one tailored roundtable event;
      2. facilitated opportunities to sponsor OIST scientific seminars and workshops;
      3. facilitated recruitment opportunities;
      4. free access to OIST conference and meeting facilities opened to the public;
      5. access to a dedicated INO manager.
  3. Membership Period and Fees
    1. The annual fees ("Membership Fees") vary depending on the category of the Membership, as follows:
      1. Regular Membership: 55,000 yen, including tax; and
      2. Premium Membership: 550,000 yen, including tax.
    2. The Membership period is April 1 through March 31 (a "Membership Year").
    3. The Membership of a new Member joining, or a Regular Member upgrading to the Premium Membership, after October 1 of a Membership Year will be extended through March 31 of the following Membership Year. Any other Member will be invoiced for the renewal of their Membership Fees prior to April 1.
    4. Membership Fees are payable in full up front, and, in the case of a renewal of Membership, no later than April 1.
    5. Membership Fees are payable in yen, by bank transfer to the account designated by OIST. All associated transfer fees shall be borne by the relevant Member.
  4. INO Events
    1. OIST may collect event fees ("Event Fees") when applicable.  Any applicable Event Fees will be indicated in the invitation to the event.
    2. Event Fees are payable in full within one month of the invoice being issued by OIST.
    3. Event Fees are nonrefundable.
    4. Event Fees are payable in yen, by bank transfer to the account designated by OIST.  All associated transfer fees shall be borne by the relevant Member.
  5. Cancellation of Membership
    1. A Member wishing to cancel its Membership shall inform OIST in writing by email to the INO designated email address.
    2. The Membership Fees of a Member cancelling its Membership are nonrefundable.
  6. Termination of Membership
    1. OIST may terminate the Membership of a Member when OIST determines, at its sole discretion, that such Member:
      1. has not paid its Membership Fees or other fees for more than three months after the payment deadline for such fees;
      2. has breached these Terms;
      3. is damaging, or has damaged, the reputation of OIST, the INO and/or any of the other Members;
      4. is, or has been, a member of a criminal organization;
      5. is, or its management is, controlled or substantially influenced by a criminal organization; or
      6. commits, or has committed, any other act that OIST deems inappropriate.
    2. The Membership Fees of a Member the Membership of which is terminated by OIST are nonrefundable.
  7. Personal Information
    1. OIST will manage the information provided by a Member and personal information relating to its Employees, when applicable,("Member Information") in compliance with OIST’s policies, including Article 11 (Protection of Personal Information) of OIST's Policy Rules and Procedures).
    2. When outsourcing is required to provide the Benefits, OIST may only disclose Member Information to the service provider after entering into an agreement with the service provider to maintain the confidentiality of the Member Information.
    3. OIST shall not disclose Member Information to any third party except when:
      1. the Member's written consent has been obtained;
      2. required by law, the rules of self-regulatory organizations such as stock exchanges, or the orders or requests of public institutions;
      3. when the information is provided in such a way that no individual can be identified.
  8. Intellectual Property Rights

OIST retains all intellectual property rights related to the information provided to Members as part of the Benefits and does not grant Members any rights thereto.

  1. Confidential Information

All activities pertaining to the INO, including presentations and discussions at meetings and events, will be conducted on a non-confidential basis; however, to allow for the free dialogue amongst the community that the INO is striving for, OIST and the Members are expected not to make public any information and opinions shared during such activities.

  1. No Liabilities

Neither OIST nor any of its agents, licensors or delegates or its or their directors, officers or employees will be liable for any losses incurred or suffered by Members, directly or indirectly, in connection with the INO and any of the Benefits, or absence of Benefits.

  1. No Assignment of Rights

No Member may assign, delegate or otherwise transfer any of its rights and/or obligations under these Terms.

  1. Modification of Terms

OIST may revise these Terms at any time and shall notify Members by posting such revised Terms on OIST’s website and by other appropriate means. Revised Terms shall become effective on the date they are posted on OIST’s website. The continued Membership of a Member shall be deemed acceptance by such Member of any revised Terms.

  1. Governing Law and Exclusive Jurisdiction
    1. These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
    2. If any dispute arises in relation to these Terms, the Naha District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.
    3. If any question arises regarding the interpretation of any matter not stipulated in these Terms, OIST and the relevant Member shall consult in good faith and come to an interpretation.


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