Technology Transfer Process

Technology transfer is a process in which OIST research outcome is commercialised and contributes to the society in the form of goods/services.
Technology Licensing Section (TLS) plays an interfacing role between OIST researchers and industry and supports every step of technology transfer activities from invention disclosures to making final products.


  1. Invention as a result of OIST research


  1. Invention is disclosed to TLS by inventor(s)


  1. Prior-art search (Patentability assessment)
  2. Market needs (Commercialisation potential assessment)
  3. Evaluation by Invention Evaluation Committee


  1. Patent application (Provisional / Non-provisional
  2. Patent prosecution
  3. Patent maintenance

Marketing and Matching

  1. Contacting industry
  2. Trade shows
  3. Marketing through online media


  1. Product development (NDA, MTA, Collaborative research)
  2. Products/Services (License agreement)