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We help launch the next generation of Seed-Stage science and technology startups

At the forefront of innovation, we empower visionary entrepreneurs to bring groundbreaking ideas to life. Our dedicated team, coupled with unparalleled resources, provides startups with the foundation they need to grow, scale, and make meaningful impacts in their respective industries. Whether you're a budding scientist with a transformative concept or a technologist with a revolutionary prototype, we're here to guide, support, and propel your venture into the global spotlight. Together, let's shape the future.


OIST-Lifetime Ventures Fund

The OIST-Lifetime Ventures Fund is managed by Lifetime Ventures in collaboration with OIST to invest in world-class entrepreneurs, leveraging OIST research and network in Japan, and globally. It aims to deliver impactful science-based deep tech solutions in sectors that include healthtech, the future of work, sustainable living, and the blue economy.