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Application and Review Process:

  • STEP 1: Prospective applicants contact for preliminary consultation
  • STEP 2: Submit an online application form
  • STEP 3: Interview via web or in-person (by-invitation-only) to the Selection Committee
  • STEP 4: Final Selection by the Committee

Encouraged applicants:

Consistent with our mission to support the development of an innovation ecosystem in Okinawa based on entrepreneurship, we will prioritize early-stage startups with high potential for growth. Startups that are developing OIST intellectual property or working in areas and fields that are complementary to OIST will receive the highest priority. Example of applicants:

  • OIST Startups
    Startups launched by OIST faculty, researchers, students, staff, and alumni
    Startups developing OIST intellectual property
  • Startups from OIST Startup Accelerator Program
  • OIST partner companies
  • Other startups and companies wishing to do business with tenants (VCs, law firms and other service providers)

Please apply from the online application form below.

Please contact

Online Application Form (startups only)

Describe your technology or product
Tell us about the founding team. You may include social links such as LinkedIn
How do you plan to move your technology/product from concept to the market and on what time frame?
What type of funding does your company currently have (Check all that apply)
How much space do you need?
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Will you be working with chemical, biological and other hazardous materials? Please select.
List the materials and equipment that you need to access to and/or that you will bring to the incubator facility.
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