Introduction to Supersymmetry and String Theory course

Time: Mondays, 13.00-14.30


PART 1. 

1. Introduction. Dual models

2. Bosonic string. Action.

3. Bosonic String. Quantization

4. Partition Function on Torus. Part I

5. Partition Function on Torus. Part II

6. Circle Compactifications. D branes. Part I

7. Circle Compactifications. D branes. Part II

8. String Perturbation Theory. Part I

9. String Perturbation Theory. Part II


10. SUSY algebra in four dimensions

11. Chiral Superfields

12. SUSY Gauge Theories. Vector Superfields

13. Spontaneous SUSY Breaking. Non-Renormalization Theorem



M.B. Green, J.H. Schwarz, E. Witten 'Superstring Theory'  (for the PART 1)

J. Wess, J. Bagger "Supersymmetry and Supergravity" (for the PART 2)


C. Angelantonj, A. Sagnotti ''Open strings'' Physics Reports 371 (2002), 1; hep-th/0204089 (for the PART 1)

R. J. Szabo, ''BUSSTEPP lectures on string theory: An Introduction to string theory and D-brane dynamics,'', hep-th/0207142 (for  the PART 1)

J. D. Lykken "Introduction to Supersymmetry" hep-th/9612114 (for the PART 2)