Research Equipment Gallery

The purpose of this page is to introduce major research equipment at OIST.


Section | Category

  ARS             Vivarium/Aquarium

  IAS              Mass Spectrometry | NMR Spectroscopy | Flow Cytometry

  IMG              Electron Microscope | Sample Preparation | Confocal | Superresolution & Lightsheet | Widefield

  MEMS          Mechnical Engineering | Nanofabrication | Characterization | Sample Preparation

  OHS             Radioisotope Facility

  OMSSS        Okinawa Marine Science Support Section | OIST Marine Science Station | OIST main Campus

  SCDA           Computing Systems | Storage | Training

  SQC             Genome Sequencer | DNA sequencer | Quantitative PCR | Microarray | DNA/RNA isolation & quantification

The possibility for external use varies depending on the equipment and it will be announced as they become available. Please note individual requests are not accepted at this time.