Research Equipment Gallery

The purpose of this page is to introduce major research equipment at OIST. (このページではOISTの主要な研究機器を紹介しています。)

Section Category
ARS Vivarium / Aquarium
IAS Mass SpectrometryNMR Spectroscopy, Flow Cytometry
IMG Electron Microscope, Sample Preparation, Confocal Microscope, Superresolution & Lightsheet, Widefiled Microscope
MEMS Mechanical Engineering, Nanofabrication, Characterization, Sample Preparation
OHS Radioisotope Facility
OMSSS Sensors, Acoustic current meters, Analyzers, Vehicles
SCDA Computing Systems, Storage, Training
SQC Genome Sequencer, DNA Sequencer, Quantitative PCR, Microarrary, DNA/RNA isolationn & quantification

The possibility for external use varies depending on the equipment and it will be announced as they become available. Please note individual requests are not accepted at this time.