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DNA Sequencing Section (dna-sequencing-all*oist.jp )(replace* by @)

Genetic analyzer <GeneChip GCS3000TG>
Maker: Affymetrix
Model: GCS3000TG
Use With GeneChip array scanning

Microarray scanner <Updgrade>
Maker: Agilent
Model: G2505B Upgraded 2539A
Features: The Microarray Scanner is a sophisticated laser-induced fluorescence scanner designed to read microarrays deposited on standard 1 in × 3 in slides

High-Speed Bench-top Micro Centrifuge <Kintaro>
Maker: Tomy
Model: Kintaro-24
features: Rotor: TMP-2 /  Maximum Speed: 13,500rpm / Maximum RCF: 17,730G / Maximum Capacity: 24 x 2ml / Acceleration Time: 15sec