You must check the usage and precautions before using this device.

The basic laboratory support team installs and operates a common autoclave (TOMY LSX/SX series) in the service alcove room to support your research activities.

Before starting operation, please read the manuals below thoroughly to understand autoclave and proper operation.

TOMY AUTOCLAVE: Operator's manual


Reporting Problems 

Please report all equipment issues to It is extremely helpful if you can attach a photo to the email of the error message displayed on the screen.


  TOMY Autoclave LSX / SX series





LSX/SX-300 44 Liter
  • Sterilizing
    105 ~ 135℃ (0.019 ~ 0.212MPa)
  • Heating
    45 ~ 104℃ (0 ~ 0.015MPa)
  • Warming
    45 ~ 95℃
Service Alcove
LSX/SX-500 58 Liter Service Alcove
LSX-700 79 Liter L3-B778