Sample Preparation Equipment Gallery

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Mechanical Engineering & Microfabrication Support Section (nanofab* (replace* by @)


Maker: Hitachi

Model: MC1000

Features: EM prep; Carbon deposition; Deposition

Plasma Cleaner

Maker: SPI

Model: Plasma Prep III

Features: O2 plasma; Resist removal


Maker: South Bay Technology

Model: Model 900

Features: 8" grinding polishing wheel


Maker: Disco

Model: DAD322

Features: Dicing of up to 6" wafers


Maker: Kulicke and Soffa

Model: 4523AD

Features: Electrical connector bonding

Lamp Furnace

Maker: ULVAC

Model: MILA-5000-P-N

Features: High speed heating; Precise temperature control

UVO Cleaner

Maker: Jetlight

Model: 42-100

Features: UV cleaning of samples


Maker: Musashino-Denshi

Model: SC-100

Features: Manual scribe; 4" sample size


Maker: Unico

Model: UN-1000L

Features: Nitrogen / Vacuum glovebox