Capillary Sequencer

SeqStudio, Capillary Sequencer (alfa, beta, gamma)

Maker: ThermoFisher Scientific
Model: SeqStudio

Features: 28cm 4-capillary array. This easy-to-use, convenient benchtop system requires less manual work and is easy to use. Just one click to perform Sanger sequencing and fragmentation analysis

How to use SeqStudio, Capillary Sequencer (internal only)

3730xl DNA Analyzer, Capillary Sequencer 

Maker: Thermo Fisher Scientific 
Model: 3730xl

Features: 50 cm 96-capillary array. It is a high-throughput capillary sequencer developed for the processing of multi-specimen sequencing and fragment analysis samples

How to use 3730xl, Capillary Sequencer (internal only)

3500xl DNA Analyzer, Capillary Sequencer 

Maker: Thermo Fisher Scientific 
Model: 3500xl

- Capillary electrophoresis instrument
- 24-capillary (3500xL System) array and polymer
- DNA sequencing and/or fragment analysis reagents and consumables for system qualification
- Dell™ computer workstation with a flat-screen monitor
- Integrated software for instrument control, data collection, quality control, and auto-analysis of sample files for basecalling and fragment sizing

How to use 3500xl, Capillary Sequencer (internal only)