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CTD logger with optical fast DO sensor

Manufacturer: JFE Advantech

Model: RINKO-Profiler

Features: The RINKO-Profiler is a CTD with a fast-responding DO sensor. The fast response time (0.4 s) reduces observation time, while achieving a detailed DO vertical distribution.

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Portable dissolved oxygen sensor

Manufacturer: JFE Advantech

Model: ARO-PR

Features: The ARO-PR is a high-accurate optical DO sensor.  The initial accuracy is ±1% of measured value or ±1.5 μmol L-1, which enables us to easily measure DO as an alternative to Winkler method.

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Underwater Fluorometer with Miniature Spectrometer

Manufacturer: WALZ


Features: The DIVING-PAM-II is the successor of the DIVING-PAM which has been proven as reliable and robust chlorophyll fluorometer for studying in situ photosynthesis inunderwater plants, including macroalgae, sea grasses andcorals.

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Online Camera

Manufacturer: 3D Corporation

Features: Some security cameras are applied to the tank monitoring for a research purpose.

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