Use by External Users of Research Facilities and Services

Important Announcement

Our “Fee for Use” services for External users are now temporary closed due to ongoing revision of the operations in our facilities. We will announce again around January 2024 about restarting the services on this website.

(As of April 19, 2023)


The University is privileged to have cutting-edge research facilities and equipment along with expert technical support staff. While the University’s research facilities and services are primarily for its own research and education, the utilization of excess capacity by external academic or industrial users can contribute to the advancement of science and technology in Okinawa and can foster active research communities around the University. -Policies, Rules & Procedures Chapter 4.16

First steps for External Users

1. Confirm rules and available facilities/equipment for external use

      *Please note that depending on the status of internal usage, we might not be able to accept some of the applications.

2. Consultation with the Section in charge

Contact Section in charge in Facilities, Equipment and Service/Fee Table for pre-consultation.

When contacting the Section in charge, please provide following information;

  • Your name
  • Name of your affiliation
  • Name of equipment/facilities and "Equipment No." on Fee Table that you would like to use
  • Total number of user(s) including yourself
  • Prefered start date of usage
  • Prefered duration of usage
  • Overview of your research using OIST research equipment/facilities
    (Please specify if your would like to use/collect specific sample, and/or use specific method or application)

3. After Pre-consultation is completed, follow Procedure for Application/Use/Payment.

4. Administration Office

1919-1, Tancha, Onna-son Okinawa, 904-0495
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
Research Support Division, External Use Team
TEL 098−982−3578/098−966−8463
E-mail research-budget*
(Replace * by @)