Acoustic current meters

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Next-gen ADCP

Manufacturer: Teledyne RD Instruments

Model: Sentinel V

Features: The Sentinel V is a versatile ADCP with a broadband technology.  We possess V20 (1000 kHz) and V100 (300 kHz).  The cell size is 0.25 - 4 m (V20) and 1 - 6 m (V100), and the profiling rage is up to about 25 m (V20) and 120 m (V100).

Conventional ADCP

Manufacturer: Teledyne RD Instruments

Model: Workhorse Sentinel 600 kHz

Features: The Workhorse is the most popular ADCP for current profiling.  The cell size and the profiling range are 0.5 - 4 m and about 50 m, respectively.

Horizontal ADCP

Manufacturer: Teledyne RD Instruments

Model: Workhorse HADCP300

Features: The H-ADCP looks out horizontally from an offshore or coastal to measure near-surface water currents and multi-directional waves.  The profiling range is up to about 340 m depending on an ocean condition.

High performance ADCP

Manufacturer: Nortek

Model: Signature1000

Features: The Signature1000 is designed for turbulence measurements with a broadband technology.  The sampling rate is 16 Hz at maximum for 4 beams (8 Hz for 5 beams).  The profiling range is about 30 m, and the cell size is 0.2 - 2 m.

Compact ADCP

Manufacturer: Nortek

Model: Aquadopp Profiler 2 MHz

Features: The Aquadopp Profiler is a narrowband ADCP, which is suitable for mean flow measurements.  The profiling range is 4 - 10 m depending on the acoustic scattering conditions.  The cell size is 0.1 - 2 m.  This model has a side-looking head.

Acoustic current meter for deep water

Manufacturer: Nortek

Model: Aquadopp 3000 m

Features: The Aduadopp 3000 m is designed for deep current measurements where there are fewer suspended particles than in the zone close to the surface.  The diagnostics mode enables to evaluate the mooring performance.  This model has a side-looking head.

High resolution velocimeter

Manufacturer: Nortek

Model: Vector 300 m

Features: The Vector is a high-accuracy single-point current meter for small-scale investigation such as wave orbital study, etc.  The sampling rate is up to 64 Hz.  The probe of this model is connected to the housing with 2 m cable.