Genome Sequencer

Illumina NovaSeq6000
Maker: Illumina
Model: N/A
 The NovaSeq 6000 System offers output up to 6 Tb and 20 B reads in < 2 days. Multiple flow cell types and read length combinations offer flexible output and run time configurations based on project needs. 

Illumina Miseq
Maker: Illumina
Model: N/A
Features: The compact MiSeq System is well suited for rapid, cost-effective nextgeneration sequencing

Maker: Pacific Biosciences
Features: The PacBio RS II is ideal for whole-genome sequencing of small genomes, targeted sequencing, complex population analysis, RNA sequencing of targeted transcripts, and microbial epigenetics

BioNano Irys
Maker: Bionano Genomics
Model: IN-011-01
Features: The Irys provides the long-range genomic information required for high-quality de novo assembly and high-resolution discovery of structural variations.


Nanopore MinION
Maker: Oxford Nanopore Technologies
Model: N/A
 MinION is the only portable real-time device for DNA and RNA sequencing.

Nanopore PromethION
Maker: Oxford Nanopore Technologies
Model: N/A
Features: PromethION offers the same real-time, long-read, direct DNA and RNA sequencing technology as MinION and GridION, at much larger scale.  You may find PromethION suitable for large scale projects such as population-scale sequencing or plant genomics, or for large scale service offerings.