OIST PhD Graduates

Graduated in AY2018 (Total as of April 2019: 17)

Eligible for AY2018 Graduation Ceremony on May 25, 2019

Ms. Lashmi Piriya Ananda Babu

Supervisor: Professor Tomoyuki Takahashi

Co-Supervisor: Professor Jeff Wickens

Research Unit: Cellular & Molecular Synaptic Function Unit

Thesis:  Functional roles of microtubules in a giant presynaptic terminal

Graduation Date: 2018 May 17


Mr. Dongrong Zhang

Supervisor: Professor Gustavo Gioia

Research Unit: Continuum Physics Unit

Thesis: Spectral theory of turbulent flows 

Graduation Date: 2018 June 30


Mr.  Chris Reinke

Supervisor: Professor Kenji Doya

Research Unit: Neural Computation Unit

Thesis: The Gamma-Ensemble - Adaptive Reinforcement Learning via Modular Discounting

Graduation Date: 2018 June 30


Ms.  E Laine Wong

Supervisor: Professor Keshav Dani

Research Unit: Femtosecond Spectroscopy Unit

Thesis: Ultrafast spatiotemporal control of photocarriers in doped semiconductors

Graduation Date: 2018 July 31


Mr.  Kalale Chola 

Supervisor: Professor Tsumoru Shintake

Research Unit: Quantum Wave Microscopy Unit

Thesis: Development of an SPH variant of implicit LES for studying wave energy transport

Graduation Date: 2018 August 31


Mr.  Tsai-Ming Lu

Supervisor: Professor Noriyuki Satoh

Research Unit: Marine Genomics Unit

Thesis: Comparative genomic studies on Dicyema japonicum: the phylogenetic position of dicyemids and the genomic adaptations to parasitic lifestyle

Graduation Date: 2018 August 31


Ms.  Jui-Yin Lin

Supervisor: Professor Denis Konstantinov

Research Unit: Quantum Dynamics Unit

Thesis Title: Transport properties of strongly correlated 2D electrons confined in microchannels

Graduation Date: 2018 September 30


Ms.  Patricia Himeka Wepfer

Supervisor: Professor Satoshi Mitarai

Co-Supervisor: Professor Evan Economo

Research Unit: Marine Biophysics Unit

Thesis: Spatial genetic structure in the coral genus Galaxea (Euphyllidae) and their associated Symbiodiniaceae communities

Graduation Date: 2018 November 30


Mr.  Ray Xin Lee

Supervisor: Professor Bernd Kuhn

Co-Supervisor: Professor Greg Stephens

Research Unit: Optical Neuroimaging Unit

Thesis: Nature and source of animal spontaneous behaviors: Insights from psychobehavioral development and neuronal population dynamics in mice

Graduation Date: 2018 November 30


Ms.  Jessica Verena Schulze

Supervisor: Professor Kenji Doya

Research Unit: Neural Computational Unit

Thesis: Spatial and modular regularization in effective connectivity inference from neural activity data

Graduation Date: 2018 December 31


Mr.  Hiroaki Hamada

Supervisor: Professor Kenji Doya

Co-Supervisor: Professor Greg Stephens

Research Unit:  Neural Computational Unit

Thesis:  Serotonergic control of brain-wide dynamics

Graduation Date: 2019 January 31


Mr.  Masakazu Igarashi

Supervisor: Professor Jeffery Wickens

Research Unit: Neurobiology Research Unit 

Thesis:  The role of interhemispheric cortico-cortical connections in bimanual coordination in the rat

Graduation Date: 2019 February 28


Mr.  Kazuto Kawamura

Supervisor: Professor Ichiro Maruyama

Research Unit: Information Processing Biology Unit

Thesis:  Forward genetic screen for Caenorhabditis elegans mutants with a progressive decline in adult locomotor function

Graduation Date: 2019 March 31


Mr.  Tosif Ahamed

Supervisor: Professor Ichiro Maruyama

Co-Supervisor: Professor Greg Stephens

Research Unit: Information Processing Biology Unit

Thesis:  Capturing the nonlinear dynamics of animal behavior with applications to the nematode C. elegans

Graduation Date: 2019 March 31


Ms.  Nilupaer Abudukeyoumu

Supervisor: Professor Gordon Arbuthnott

Research Unit: Brain Mechanism for Behaviour Unit

Thesis:  Cholinergic interneurons in striatal microcircuit dynamics studied with anatomical and behavioral methods

Graduation Date: 2019 March 31


Mr.  Haytham Mohamed

Supervisor: Professor Tadashi Yamamoto

Research Unit: Cell Signal Unit

Thesis:  Post-transcriptional regulation of circadian rhythm: Involvement of the CCR4-NOT complex

Graduation Date: 2019 March 31


Ms.  Irina Reshodko

Supervisor: Professor Thomas Busch

Research Unit: Quantum Systems Unit

Thesis:  State engineering in one-dimensional quantum gases

Graduation Date: 2019 March 31



Graduated in AY2017 (Total as of February 2018: 14)

Awarded at AY2017 Graduation Ceremony, February 24 2018

2017 Graduation Ceremony page


Mr.  Mark Daly

Supervisor: Professor Síle Nic Chormaic

Research Unit: Light-Matter Interactions Unit

Thesis: Light-induced interactions using optical near-field devices

Graduation Date: 2017 March 10


Mr.  Lee O'Riordan

Supervisor: Professor Thomas Busch

Research Unit: Quantum Systems Unit

Thesis: Non-equilibrium vortex dynamics in rapidly rotating Bose-Einstein condensates

Graduation Date: 2017 March 10


Mr.  Faisal Mahmood

Supervisor: Professor Ulf Skoglund

Co-Supervisor: Professor Hiroaki Kitano

Research Unit: Structural Cellular Biology Unit

Thesis: Algorithmic and architectural developments for cryo-electron tomography

Graduation Date: 2017 March 10


Mr.  Mart Toots

Supervisor: Professor Ulf Skoglund

Research Unit: Structural Cellular Biology Unit

Thesis: Exploring the potential of cryo-electron tomography on protein nanocrystals for molecular structure determination

Graduation Date: 2017 July 18


Mr.  Dongxin Zhang

Supervisor: Professor Fujie Tanaka

Research Unit: Chemistry and Chemical Bioengineering Unit

Thesis: Amine catalyzed functionalization of enolizable ketones

Graduation Date: 2017 August 14


Mr.  Yi-Jyun Luo

Supervisor: Professor Noriyuki Satoh

Research Unit: Marine Genomics Unit

Thesis: Insights into lophotrochozoan evolution and the origin of morphological novelties from brachiopod, phoronid, and nemertean genomes

Graduation Date: 2017 August 14


Mr.  Kenneth Baughman

Supervisor: Professor Noriyuki Satoh

Research Unit: Marine Genomics Unit

Thesis:  Decoding and analysis of the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish Acanthaster planci genome

Graduation Date: 2017 August 25


Mr.  Rico Pohle

Supervisor: Professor Nic Shannon

Research Unit:  Theory of Quantum Matter Unit

Thesis:  Signatures of novel spin liquids in kagome-like lattices

Graduation Date: 2017 December 7


Mr.  Zafer Hawash

Supervisor: Professor Yabing Qi

Research Unit: Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit

Thesis: Surface science studies of perovskite solar cells: spiro-MeOTAD hole transport material and perovskite absorber

Graduation Date: 2017 December 20


Ms.  Caroline Starzynski

Supervisor: Professor Mitsuhiro Yanagida

Research Unit: G0 Cell Unit

Thesis: Investigating ancient metabolic reactions contributing to G0 quiescence survival in fission yeast S. pombe

Graduation Date: 2017 December 31


Mr.  Cong Liu

Supervisor: Professor Evan Economo

Research Unit: Biodiversity and Biocomplexity Unit

Thesis: Understanding the ecological and evolutionary processes shaping ant biodiversity across spatiotemporal scales

Graduation Date: 2018 January 31 


Mr.  Nino Espinas

Supervisor: Professor Hidetoshi Saze

Co-Supervisor: Professor Ulf Skoglund

Research Unit: Plant Epigenetics Unit

Thesis: rCBP-dependent regulation in rice innate immunity

Graduation Date: 2018 February 9


Mr.  Keita Ikegami

Supervisor: Professor Noriyuki Satoh

Research Unit: Marine Genomics Unit

Thesis: Comparative transcriptome analysis of basal deuterostomes and its implications for the phylotypic stage

Graduation Date: 2018 February 9


Mr.  Daisuke Takahashi

Supervisor: Professor Hirotaka Sugawara

Research Unit: Advanced Medical Instrumentation Unit

Thesis: Minimal gauged U(1) extension of the Standard Model with classical scale invariance and phenomenology

Graduation Date: 2018 February 21