OIST Auditorium

Important Announcement

  • Due to increased number of COVID-19 infections, we are temporarily suspending the acceptance of new reservations for our conference facilities. The timeline for reopening reservations will be announced on this website once decided.
  • After reservations restart, special restrictions may apply depending on the venue.
  • When using OIST venues, please follow the COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines for External Events at OIST.

If you have any questions, please contact us at reservation@oist.jp

Max. capacity 493 people 
  • Podium with connectors (HDMI, USB-C, mini DP and VGA)
  • 4K laser projector (SONY SRX-T110, 1,920 x 1200 resolution (native))
  • Projector screen ((10m x 7.5m, adjustable height)
  • Pole for banner: 8850mm (suggested banner size: 6000x940mm; max. load capacity 130kg)  
  • 8 spotlights (fixed position)
  • Wireless microphones [800Mhz] (6 x handheld, 2 x lapel, 1 x gooseneck) 
  • Fixed chairs with adjustable tables
  • Power outlets at each seat 
  • Video-conference system
  • Interpretation booth (interpretation capacity: 458 seats | two simultaneous interpretation booths: 3 languages | headset available (located inside Auditorium interpretation booth))
  • WiFi
  • 3 Green Rooms

Note: Computers or other display devices are not provided at the venue. Users are required to bring their own computer or display device. 

Floor Area 605 m2
Ceiling Height 6.5-9 m2
Venue plans 
Restrictions No eating and drinking inside the room.

Facility usage fee
(external users)

75,000JPY / 1 day (tax. incl.)