Specialized Access Information for Event Organizers

Chartered Bus (designated large or medium-sized buses for academic conferences, events, etc.)

Using a Chartered Bus for Conferences and Events

  • When using a chartered bus (large or medium-sized bus, etc.), please be sure to contact reservation@oist.jp at least 10 days in advance regarding bus details (timetable and number of flights). (Example: "Morning at hh:mm; x-number of buses", "Evening at hh:mm; x-number of buses")
  • There are a maximum 5 parking spaces for chartered buses.
  • If you wish to reserve bus parking space, contact reservation@oist.jp in advance. Space can be secured depending on availability.
  • Be sure to share the Bus Entry / Exit Route Map with the bus operator in advance.
  • Use the bus stop in front of the OIST Auditorium to embark/disembark. 

OIST members should contact BFM Transportation Services (login required) for more information.

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Charter Bus Information in Okinawa Prefecture

Please refer to the Okinawa Prefecture Bus Association website for details. (External link. Japanese language only)

Okinawa MICE Charter Bus Operation Support Project (OCVB)

The MICE Charter Bus Operation Support Program is a support program of the Okinawa Prefecture Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB) that provides assistance for the cost of chartered buses and chartered jumbo taxis for meetings and conventions held in Okinawa Prefecture.

The details of the support program vary from year to year.

For the latest information, please visit the MICE Chartered Bus Support website(External link)

Examples of Chartered Bus Operation Schedules

Shuttle service timetables vary from event to event. Here are a few example schedules by conferences.

Chartered Taxis

Jumbo Taxi

  • For events of 40-50 people, several jumbo cabs may be more convenient and less expensive than chartered buses.
  • Advance reservations are required for jumbo cabs. Please refer to the information on taxi services around OIST when making reservations.

Regular Taxi

  • If event attendees wish to call their own taxi, please provide them with information on information on taxi services around OIST
  • If you anticipate that many event participants will be using small taxi at the same time, we recommend that the event organizer share this information with taxi companies in the vicinity of OIST.

Please also refer to the Okinawa Prefecture Taxi Association website for information on taxi companies in Okinawa Prefecture. (External link; Japanese language only)

Event Parking

Advance reservations are required on weekdays due to the extremely limited number of parking spaces available.

If you wish to use the parking lot for your event, please contact reservation@oist.jp to consult* regarding availability in advance.

*OIST members should consult BFM Transportation Services (login required) in advance.

Parking on weekdays (advance reservations required)

Parking on weekends and holidays

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