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Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCVB) Support Menu for Conferences and Events

Welcome Support for Conferences and Events

OCVB's Welcome Support Program is available for conferences and events. The program offers organizers a variety of entertainment options showcasing Okinawan culture for their meetings. Conference bags are also available. 

Financial Support (chartered bus/large taxi) for Conferences and Events*

OCVB's Financial Support Program (Chartered Bus/Large Taxi) is available for conferences and events. This financial program partially supports your expences for the chartered Bus or Large Taxi.

Subsidy for Convention/Conference Expenses*

OCVB Subsidy for Convention/Conference Expenses offers financial support to conferences considering Okinawa as their venue. This program is aimed at helping organizers attract international conferences to Japan and specifically to Okinawa. 

  • Details and eligibility: Information Leaflet (PDF)
  • Deadline: The end of August at least 1 year prior to the event.

* "Financial Support (chartered bus/large tax)" and "Subsidy for Convention/Conference Expenses" cannot be used together.

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