WiFi Availability in OIST

OIST Free WiFi

For guests, visitors and event attendees, OIST provides free WiFi. Search for "OIST-Public" and simply connect. No password required.


Eduroam is also available throughout OIST. If your university or research institution is a member of the Eduroam network, you will be able to simply connect using your institution's username and password.

If you are not sure whether your institution offers access to Eduroam, please contact the IT administrator of your university or research institution, or look up your institution on the Eduroam global website.

Other options (for event organizers)

If you have specific WiFi or wired network requirements, you can contact us separately.

Point of contact:

  • OIST-members: Please request assistance from OIST IT via ServiceNow (login required) 
  • External facility users/event organizers:Please contact us at reservation@oist.jp