Food Options Around OIST

OIST Café, Restaurant and Shop

The OIST restaurant "Yun-taku" and OIST Café Tancha are located inside Center Building of our main campus. "Yun-Taku" operates only during lunchtime, while "Cafe Tancha" also operates during breakfast hours.

Both provide eat-in* as well as catering services.

Eating in is a suitable option for events taking place in the seminar rooms inside our Main Campus.

*There are restrictions on the eat-in hours for conference and event attendees to avoid the busy lunchtime hour.

OIST AEON Store sells deli foods and box meals, fresh bakery goods like cakes and breads and drinks, as well as official OIST goods such as tote bags, clear files, t-shirts, etc. 

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Lunchtime and Coffee catering

If your event is at the OIST Conference Center or at the Seaside House, we recommend lunchtime catering for your attendees (bento-box lunch, buffet, etc.).

If your event is at the Seaside House, the "Chura Hall" provides an ideal dining space, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. The lobby area on the first floor, which is connected to an outdoor patio, is the perfect coffee break space, ideal for networking.

In the OIST Conference Center, the "Meeting Rooms" together with the wide lobby areas and the surrounding green spaces provide a suitable space for lunch and coffee break interactions.

In addition to these spaces, most seminar rooms have a lobby space outside them, suitable for a coffee break.

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Breakfast and Dinner Catering

Similar to lunchtime catering, the "Meeting Rooms" in the OIST Conference Center and the "Chura Hall" at the Seaside House provide a suitable dining location for breakfast or dinner.

In addition to these two locations the OIST restaurant space, which houses "Yun-Taku" during the day, can also be booked as a breakfast or dinner venue depending on the time.

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