Seminar Room C210

Max. capacity 60 people 
  • Podium with connectors (HDMI, USB-C, mini DP and VGA)
  • Projector (EPSON EB-L1100U, 1,920 x 1200 resolution (native))
  • Projector screen (VIS ~150”; Screen: 200”; movable): How to operate the screen 
  • Wireless microphones [800Mhz] (4 x handheld, 1 x lapel)
  • Tables with chairs (adjustable)
  • Power outlets at each seat 
  • Video-conference system
  • Wifi 
  • Multi-stage lights
  • Blinds

Note: Computers or other display devices are not provided at the venue. Users are required to bring their own computer or display device. 

Floor Area 117 m2
Ceiling Height 2.9 - 3.7 m2
Venue plans 

How to use the Projector in C210

How to operate the lights 

How to operate the blinds 

Restrictions No eating and drinking inside the room (only bottles with caps allowed)

Facility usage fee
(external users)

5,000JPY / 1 day (tax. incl.)