Welcome to OIST

We are excited to have you on our campus as part of our Visiting Programs!.
Your OIST-ID card will be on the table in the apartment, please bring it when you come to the office. Please find the following files below:

2. OIST Campus Map

3. Maps of apartment locations

4. The Welcome Meeting presentation as pdf for later reference.
We usually talk about this at your first day in the office at OIST.

5. Welcome Package from OIST’s Relocation Team (aimed at new OIST employees)
-> Not all the information in this pdf might be relevant for you as a visitor.
-> This file also contains the OIST Shuttle Bus schedule. The most relevant bus line will likely be the Ishikawa line, which can take you to the closes shopping opportunities: Tabata Shopping Center (groceries, home improvement, electric appliances, and some restaurants), located near the stop Akasaki/Tabata.
Download page: https://groups.oist.jp/hr-relocation/3-1-housing

6. Instructions: on how to open the door by Smartlock or get your key from a key box (rare cases)

7. Accommodation Rules: Please check your room for any damage, and agree to the rules (by signature or email) and send to us at tsvp@oist.jp within three days of your arrival. (furniture might vary slightly)

8. Regarding Okinawa’s high humidity and risk of mold (especially during rainy season)

10. Letter from Japan Post which you might receive during the first weeks of your visit

11. A template to send us information about your TSVP talk (profile, abstract, photo, etc.)

Please see the below link for more useful information for TSVP visitors
FAQ (only accessible on campus / with OIST account)

Arrival at OIST

A pre-arranged taxi will wait for you at the airport in Okinawa/Naha and take you directly to your accommodation on OIST campus. There you can access the internet in the public areas as well as in your room (once you checked-in). The campus also has eduroam wifi.

Public Wifi at “The Gardens” (in other areas at OIST the wifi is usually called OIST-Public)
SSID: The Gardens Public Area
PW: PublicArea             

Room Wifi
The wifi code is usually written on a paper in the room or directly on the router itself (check behind the sofa). Very often the password is the room number repeated three times (e.g. ec184ec184ec184).

Hot Water
There are often questions regarding hot water: please switch it on from the panel in the kitchen. We recommend setting it to around 40-42°C.

Restaurants and shops near campus
There are many restaurants in Onna village, if you go down the hill from OIST and to the left to where the large resort hotels are (near Moon beach, on foot at least about 30min, by car 5min). In addition, there are a few convenience stores in that area and on the way there.
For supermarkets and other shopping, the nearest options are in Ishikawa (Tabata/Akasaki area) or Uruma city on the east coast, about 15min from OIST by car or shuttle bus (shuttle bus schedules are included in the Welcome Package).

Emergency Contact

OIST helpline: +81 98-966-8989 (Emergency case only)
Visiting Program: see pdf (Outside work hours, please only call if it is an emergency)

If something very unexpected happens and you cannot enter your assigned room, there is an "emergency room" where you can stay: https://groups.oist.jp/bfm/emergency-room
(so far this has never been needed by a guest of the Visiting Program).


Finally, in case you booked your own flight and wish to be reimbursed by OIST we would like to remind you to keep all original (paper) boarding passes and give them to the TSVP Team after arrival. Details are in the previously sent Travel Guidelines. If we do not receive all necessary documents by the required deadline, reimbursement cannot be issued.

File Attachments