Past Events

TSVP Talk: "Diagrammatic Algebra" by Dr. Chris Bowman


Dr. Chris Bowman, Reader, University of York. Language: English (no interpretation). Target audience: students and researchers from related fields. Freely accessible to all OIST members and guests without registration.

Mini-symposium: Nonlinear Geometric Partial Differential Equations

2020-02-02 to 2020-02-08
Conference Center

The topics covered in this minisymposium include:
Mean curvature flow and second order fully nonlinear curvature flow; Special solutions of curvature flow equations; Higher-order geometric partial differential equations of elliptic and parabolic type; Monge-Ampere type equations and applications in optimal transportation; Minimal surfaces and minimal submanifolds; Manifolds of prescribed curvature; Eigenvalue problems on Riemannian manifolds