Current and Upcoming Visitors

All current and upcoming TSVP Visiting scholars are listed below, while past visitors can be found here.
The visitors' profiles can be found further down.

Name Arrival Departure Field Units of Interest
Nick Dorey 2024/02/01 2024/07/31 Theoretical High Energy Physics Hikami, Neiman, Toriumi
Izaak Neri 2024/01/24 2024/04/23

Mathematics, Physics

Dieckmann, Pigolotti

Jana Björn 2024/01/04 2024/08/15 Mathematics

Abdulla, Liu, Zhou

Anders Björn 2024/01/04 2024/08/15 Mathematics

Abdulla, Liu, Zhou

Bianca Dittrich 2024/01/04 2024/04/30 Physics

Höhn, Neiman, Toriumi

Rachel Wheatley 2023/12/01 2024/03/30 Life Sciences, Evolutionary Biology, Microbiology

Armitage, Bourguignon, Husnik, Pigolotti

Paolo Piovano 2023/08/04 2023/08/20 Mathematics Fried
Daniel Grumiller 2023/07/05 2023/07/26 Physics, Astrophysics Neiman
Dominika Lyzwa 2023/06/23 2023/10/30 Data Science, Mathematical Physics, Neural Networks Modeling Kuhn, Twamley
Leroy Jia 2023/06/15 2023/10/14 Applied Mathematics, Solid and Fluid Mechanics Bandi, Chakraborty, Fried, Gioia, Kono, Miller, Rosti
Jonathan Kujawa 2023/06/06 2023/06/20 Mathematics Speyer
Mahir Bilen Can 2023/06/02 2023/09/29 Mathematics Speyer
David Meyer 2023/06/01 2023/07/16 Mathematics, Physics Höhn, Neiman, Toriumi, Yamada, Twamley, Nemoto
Christophe Claramunt 2023/04/10 2023/07/07 Computer Science, Geographical Information Science Yamada, Armitage
Artur Tsobanjan 2023/03/22 2023/08/15 Physics Höhn, Busch, Neiman, Toriumi, Twamley
Anatole Lecuyer 2023/03/14 2023/05/28 Computer Science, Virtual Reality, Brain-Computer Interfaces Doya, Froese, Kuhn
Jochen Steil 2023/03/03 2023/07/31 Robotics Tani, Fukai, Doya
Shinichi Nakagawa 2023/03/02 2023/09/30 Biology Pigolotti, Armitage, Froese
Jeffrey Teo 2023/01/26 2023/07/23 Physics, Condensed Matter Shannon, Okada

All visitors give presentations during their stay at OIST. You can find details about upcoming seminars and lectures on the Events page. You can also subscribe to this iCal calendar containing all talks.

Visitor Profiles

Here are the profiles of visitors currently on campus.

Christophe Claramunt

Visit from 2023/04/10 - 2023/07/07

Christophe Claramunt is a professor of computer science at the Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology and deputy director of the Interdisciplinary Graduate School in Marine Science and Engineering (ISBlue) in Northwest France. His interests are in theoretical and multidisciplinary aspects of geographical information science, and their application to urban, environmental, and maritime contexts. He is currently working on the development of spatio-temporal conceptual models and their logical and computational implementations. Personal Website

TSVP Talk: "People, Environments, Sensors: Cyber Opportunities for Exploring Human Mobilities"on May 18 (Thursday), 2023 at 3pm in L4E48.
Lecture Course: Big Geographical Data: a digital revolution for transportation studies
Office at OIST: Lab 5 EF03k

Christophe Claramunt



Artur Tsobanjan

Visit from 2023/03/23 - 2023/08/15

Artur Tsobanjan is a theoretical physicist who explores foundational issues in quantum theory raised by attempts to quantize gravity. He is particularly interested in finding ways to consistently incorporate the dynamical nature of time in general relativity within a quantum mechanical framework. Artur Tsobanjan received his PhD from the Pennsylvania State University in 2011. He is currently an associate professor at King’s College, Pennsylvania, USA. Google Scholar

TSVP Talk: "From Gravity to Quantum Clocks (And Rulers!)" on April 27 (Thursday), 2023 at 3pm in L4E48.
Office at OIST: Lab 5 EF03o

Artur Tsobanjan


Anatole Lécuyer

Visit from 2023/03/14 - 2023/05/28

Anatole Lécuyer is Research Director and Head of Hybrid Team at Inria, the French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology, in Rennes, France. He has been leading a research activity on "Virtual Reality" for the past 25 years. He initiated and still leads the OpenViBE open-source software for brain-computer interfaces. His research interests are in virtual/augmented reality, haptic interaction, 3D user interfaces, and brain-computer interfaces. Anatole Lécuyer obtained the IEEE VGTC Technical Achievement Award in Virtual/Augmented Reality in 2019, and was inducted in the IEEE Virtual Reality Academy in 2022.

TSVP Talk: As part of the Virtual Reality Seminar on April 21 (Friday), 2023 at 5:30pm in B250.
Office at OIST: Lab 5 EF03q

Anatole Lecuyer



Jochen Steil

Visit from 2023/03/03 - 2023/07/31

Jochen Steil is a Professor of Robotics at the Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany. He has a background in neural networks and AI with applications in robot learning and coordinated large scale European projects in robotics and robot learning including H2020 CogIMon (Cognitive Compliant Motion in Interaction). His research interests reach from recurrent neural networks over robot learning and human-machine interaction to applications for flexible production and the future of work in the digital society. Personal Website

TSVP Talk: "Robot Learning: Where Science Meets Fiction" on April 13 (Thursday), 2023 at 3pm in B250.
Career Talk
Office at OIST: Lab 5 EF03m

Jochen Steil


Shinichi Nakagawa

Visit from 2023/03/02 - 2023/10/31

Shinichi is originally from Japan but has studied and worked in New Zealand, UK, Germany and Australia. He is currently a Professor of Evolutionary Ecology and Synthesis at the University of New South Wales (UNSW, Sydney). His work revolves around understanding individual variation and its maintenance of it. Yet, his work is interdisciplinary with publications in (bio)medicine, psychology, ecology, evolutionary biology, education, environmental sciences, statistics and neurosciences. For more info, please visit his webpage and check this recent article in Current Biology.

TSVP Talk: "Meta Research & Meta-Analysis in Ecology & Evolution" on March 16 (Thursday), 2023 at 4pm in L4E48.
Office at OIST: Lab 5 EF03n

Shinichi Nakagawa


Jeffrey Teo

Visit from 2023/01/26 - 2023/07/23

Jeffrey Teo is a theoretical physicist specializing in topological phases of electronic condensed matter. This includes topological (crystalline) insulators and superconductors, integer and fractional quantum Hall states, and spin liquids. In particular, he focuses on the emergence of exotic quasiparticles and topological defects that exhibit fractional behaviors, such as electric charge and statistics. Jeffrey Teo completed his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania. He was a Simons postdoctoral fellow at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He is now an Associate Professor at the University of Virginia. Personal Website

TSVP Talk: "Topological Phases and Universal Fractional Quasiparticles" on February 19 (Friday), 2023 at 4pm in L4E48.
Office at OIST: Lab 5 EF03l

Jeffrey Teo



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