Current and Upcoming Visitors

All current and upcoming visitors are listed below, while past visitors can be found here.
The visitors' profiles can be found further down. Profiles of Thematic Programs can be found on their respective websites linked below.

Name Arrival Departure Field Units of Interest  
Response Diversity and Ecosystem Stability
2024/03/01 2024/03/28 Ecology Armitage, Pigolotti, Dieckmann, Ravasi, Economo, Husnik, Kondrashov, Sallan, Bandi, N. Luscombe, De Schutter, Doya, Froese, Fukai TP
Nick Dorey 2024/02/29 2024/07/14 Theoretical High Energy Physics Hikami, Neiman, Toriumi VS
Izaak Neri 2024/01/30 2024/04/25

Mathematics, Physics

Dieckmann, Pigolotti

Bianca Dittrich 2024/01/20 2024/03/15 Physics

Höhn, Neiman, Toriumi

Travis Scrimshaw 2024/01/15 2024/02/28 Mathematics, Combinatorial Representation Theory Liu, Speyer DV
Sylvester Eriksson-Bique 2024/01/08 2024/03/28 Mathematics Liu, Zhou VS
Jana Björn 2024/01/08 2024/08/15 Mathematics

Abdulla, Liu, Zhou

Anders Björn 2024/01/08 2024/08/15 Mathematics

Abdulla, Liu, Zhou

Keiko Aoki 2023/11/29 2024/02/27 Material Science, Mathematics, Physics, Molecular dynamics simulation Bandi, Chakraborty, Hikami, Husnik, Liu DV
Raquel Fernandez 2023/11/23 2023/12/03 Computer Science, Computational Linguistics Doya, Yamada A
Rachel Wheatley 2023/11/14 2024/02/09 Life Sciences, Evolutionary Biology, Microbiology

Armitage, Bourguignon, Husnik, Pigolotti

Shinichi Aizawa 2023/11/14 2024/01/20 Biology, Physics, Bacterial flagella Kusumi, Wolf DV
Charles Fosseprez 2023/10/01 2023/10/22 Cybernetics, Collective behaviors, Protist Ethology Armitage, Fukai, Husnik, Miller, Shen DV
Lucy Lai 2023/10/01 2024/01/22 Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Tripp, Doya DV
Stefan Baeuml 2023/10/01 2023/10/28 Quantum Elkouss, Munro A
Paolo Piovano 2023/08/04 2023/08/20 Mathematics Fried A
Daniel Chourrout 2023/08/03 2024/06/30 Evolution, Marine Science N. Luscombe (Host) EVS
Exact Asymptotics: From Fluid Dynamics to Quantum Geometry
2023/08/01 2023/10/28 Mathematics, Physics Toriumi, Hikami, Chakraborty, Fried, Gioia, Rosti, Touber, Abdulla, Liu TP
Daniel Grumiller 2023/07/04 2023/08/30 Physics, Astrophysics Neiman VS
David Meyer 2023/06/20 2023/07/27 Mathematics, Physics Höhn, Neiman, Toriumi, Yamada, Twamley, Nemoto VS
Jonathan Kujawa 2023/06/06 2023/06/20 Mathematics Speyer A
Mahir Bilen Can 2023/06/02 2023/08/29 Algebraic Groups and Monoids, Real Alegbraic Geometry, Information Theory Speyer VS
Christophe Claramunt 2023/04/10 2023/07/07 Computer Science, Geographical Information Science Yamada, Armitage VS
Artur Tsobanjan 2023/03/22 2023/08/15 Physics Höhn, Busch, Neiman, Toriumi, Twamley VS
Anatole Lecuyer 2023/03/14 2023/05/28 Computer Science, Virtual Reality, Brain-Computer Interfaces Doya, Froese, Kuhn VS
Jochen Steil 2023/03/03 2023/07/31 Robotics Tani, Fukai, Doya VS
Malgorzata Lagisz 2023/03/02 2023/09/30 Biology Pigolotti A
Shinichi Nakagawa 2023/03/02 2023/09/30 Biology Pigolotti, Armitage, Froese VS
Jeffrey Teo 2023/01/26 2023/07/23 Physics, Condensed Matter Shannon, Okada VS
Christian Rosenmund 2022/09/02 2023/06/30 Neuroscience Goda (Host) EVS

All visitors give presentations during their stay at OIST. You can find details about upcoming seminars and lectures on the Events page. You can also subscribe to this iCal calendar containing all talks.

Visitor Profiles

Here are the profiles of visitors currently on campus.

Raquel Fernández

Office at OIST: Lab 5 EF03n

Raquel Fernández is Professor of Computational Linguistics and Dialogue Systems at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam. She received her PhD from King's College London and before moving to Amsterdam held research positions at Stanford University and the University of Potsdam. She is currently the recipient of a European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant. Raquel’s interests revolve around language use in interaction, conversational AI, language variability and change, and visually grounded language. Her research lab carries out work on these topics at the interface of cognitive science and artificial intelligence. Personal Website

Raquel Fernandez



Rachel Wheatley

Office at OIST: Lab 5 EF03l

Rachel is an evolutionary microbiologist interested in antimicrobial resistance evolution, interactions in the microbiome, pathogen evolution during infections, and bacterial defence systems such as CRISPR-Cas. Rachel is a Fellow in Biology at the University of Oxford (Magdalen College), and taking up a tenure-track position at Queen's University Belfast in 2024. She is particularly interested in the interface between antibiotic resistance evolution and success in the microbiome. Prior to her current position, she spent time at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (Institute for Advanced Study) and as a postdoc in the lab of Professor Craig MacLean. Outside of science, she enjoys judo, boxing, and running! Personal Website

Rachel Wheatley



Shinichi Aizawa

Office at OIST: Lab 5 EF03q

Shinichi Aizawa is Professor Emeritus at the Prefectural University of Hiroshima currently visiting OIST through the Visiting Program (TSVP). He is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in the structure and function of bacterial flagella. His contributions to solving flagellar polymorphism are very highly regarded, and his book “The Flagellar World” has become a standard textbook in the field. After studying at Tohoku and Nagoya Universities in Japan, he spent several years as a Postdoc at Yale University. His long career in academia included positions at Research & Development Corporation of Japan (now JST) in Tsukuba, Teikyo University, University of Hawaii, Flinders University in Australia, and Martin-Luther University Halle in Germany.

Shinichi Aizawa



Lucy Lai

Office at OIST: Lab 5 EF03m

Lucy Lai is a final-year neuroscience Ph.D. student at Harvard, advised by Sam Gershman. Her research applies information theory and reinforcement learning towards understanding how humans learn and make decisions under cognitive resource constraints. In particular, she has developed a resource-rational model of action selection to characterize decision-making in healthy and clinical populations. A restless researcher at heart, she has spent time at Baylor College of Medicine, MIT, Janelia Research Campus, and UCL. At OIST, she will be collaborating with the Tripp and Doya Units to develop computational models of reward learning in children with ADHD. In addition to research, Lucy is also passionate about education and mentoring: she has developed and taught many courses, including Math Tools for Neuroscience and How Music Plays the Brain, and served as a Resident Tutor at Quincy House, where she lived with and advised Harvard undergraduate students. Personal Website

Lucy Lai



Daniel Chourrout

Office at OIST: Lab 5 EF03t

Daniel Chourrout has established the Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology in 1997 and been its director until 2020. This institute is a Partner of EMBL, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory since 2023. His own research is focused on the evolution of chordate development, using tunicates as model systems. Before moving to Norway, Daniel Chourrout was heading the Laboratory of Fish Genetics at INRA (French Institute of Research for Agriculture). His training is in Genetics from the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris.

Daniel Chourrout


Profiles of previous visitors