While we hope you will not need it, below is some information regarding Health, Clinics, and emergencies:

The OIST Clinic is available for visitors, with psychiatrists and internal medicine doctors and nurses. However, please understand that children cannot be accepted, as eligible patients are over 18 years of age. If you are interested, please see their web page here. If visitors have any health concerns or need assistance from the OIST Clinic, please feel free to contact them at (also regarding advice for your children).

The Nishioeda Clinic (西大條診療所), which is in walking distance to OIST, provides health services including vaccinations and pediatric care (they confirmed that the clinic can accept toddlers too).

Below is a list of medical facilities near OIST.

All of the above clinics are internal medicine, but if a referral to a specialist is needed, they will refer you to a pediatrician or other specialist.

For emergency        ​​

If you or anyone is in a crisis, please call

  • OIST Help Line: 098-966-8989 [24hrs/ 7days]
  • Fire Engine / Ambulance: 119
  • Police: 110

OIST Health Center

  • Location   Lab4 C12 (next to Lab 4 entrance)
  • Open hours   Monday to Friday 10:00 – 15:00
  • Phone   098-966-8945 [ext. 28945]
  • Fax      03-6368-3671
  • Email
  • Website

Other Health related information (from OIST resource center)

List of clinics around OIST