Please list TSVP/OIST as one of your affiliations when publishing about research (partially) conducted during your visit.
Please also include a short phrase in the acknowledgements, see below.

Theoretical Sciences Visiting Program (TSVP), Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Onna, 904-0495, Japan

This research was conducted while visiting the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) through the Theoretical Sciences Visiting Program (TSVP).

Acknowledgement in case of salary:
This research was conducted while funded by the Theoretical Sciences Visiting Program (TSVP) at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST).

*EVSP visitors please replace accordingly with "Experimental Visiting Scholar Program (EVSP)"

Visiting Program in Numbers

updated 2023-09-28

  FY22 FY23 (scheduled) FY24 (expected)
Total number of visitors 29 95  
Visiting Scholars, incl. Domestic 24 20 25
TSVP Thematic Programs (participants) 0 2 (40+30) 3 (90)
TSVP Affiliates 5 5+ 20
General-Audience Talks 19 9+9  
Total number of Talk participants (average) 1042 (56) 1566 (56)  
Youtube views, running total (average per video) 2824 (202) 5000
Workshops (total participants) 3 (80) 3+  
Other events (career talks, mini courses, outreach talks) 5 5+    
Visitor Interactions with OIST units, running total 25 38  
Number of Countries visitors came from, running total 12 18  



updated 2023/11/20

"Do octopuses dream?" nature video summarizing the paper on "Wake-like skin patterning and neural activity during Octopus Sleep" that resulted from a collaboration of TSVP Visiting Scholar Leenoy Meshulam and OIST professor Sam Reiter.



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    (see also the above nature video, or listen to the nature podcast of 2023-06-28)
  9. T. Nakagawa-Lagisz, & M. Lagisz (2023). Shining a light on duckweed: exploring the effects of artificial light at night (ALAN) on growth and pigmentation. PeerJ 11:e16371 https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.16371



Quote from Shunichi Kasahara

TSVP Talks

So far 9 TSVP Talks, 1 evening public lecture with Japanese Interpretation

Workshops and Seminars

TSVP visitors participated in the following workshops at OIST



  • Jochen Steil: Three seminar talks in CNRU host unit of Prof. Jun Tani on neural models in robotics, interactive learning of kinematics and modern methods for redundancy resolution and force control

Other Activities

  • Participating in the Sustainable Transport Hackathon (Christophe Claramunt)
  • EU-Japan Grant application (Christophe Claramunt, OIST, NAIST, European partners)




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  9. Y.-C. Chen, E. Fried, S. Janssens, "Wringling of circular suspended films."


TSVP Talks

19 general-audience Talks (18 TSVP and 1 EVSP) with a total of 1042 participants, highest attendance of a single talk: 109 participants.



Other Activities

  • Classical music concert with a violin solo by Visiting Scholar Shiro Ikeda
  • Art/dance performance in Naha by Takashi Ikegami


FY2020 (Visiting Mathematics Professor Program)


  1. J. E. Greene and A. Lobb. "The Rectangular Peg Problem" (2020). arXiv:2005.09193. (See also this Quanta Magazine article)
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