3-1. Housing

3-1. Housing

3-1-1. Shifting apartment/house

Contact Resource Center to proceed necessary steps. 

3-1-2. Contract renewal 

If you need to renew your housing contract and would like to ask OIST to stamp it, please contact the Relocation Support Service Section in advance to consult.

Submission of OIST Co-signer’s Housing Lease Renewal Agreement

When renewing your housing lease agreement for which OIST is the co-signer, even if OIST's seal is not required on the renewal lease agreement,
HR (Relocation Support Services Section) needs to follow the procedure for approving the continuation of the co-signer and updating the registration of the contract period, etc..
Please bring the renewal agreement to HR at least one week before the new contract starts. In addition, you must sign the OIST's agreement for co-signer again.

Agreement on Co-signer

3-1-3. Co-signer for the Housing lease agreement

OIST may act as co-singer for OIST employees entering a lease agreement if the following conditions are met.

  • Working at OIST under a full-time employment contract
  • There are circumstances where there is no personal guarantor, etc.
  • The real estate agent/landlord has consented to OIST, an organization rather than a person, being a co-signer.
  • There are conditions in the lease agreement for OIST to act as a co-signer, etc.

NOTE: If you would like OIST to be a co-signer, please inquire with the relocation team (relocation@oist.jp) before proceeding with the housing lease agreement. Please give plenty of time as the procedure is time-consuming to verify the contract's contents, process internal approvals, etc.