FAQ regarding Application

Can I apply even though I did not finish my PhD yet?

Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in a relevant field and be independent researchers, i.e., should have an academic standing equivalent to senior postdoc, junior group leader, or faculty member at a research-intensive institution. However, exceptions can be made for scientists with a proven potential to soon become independent researchers, e.g. PhD candidates who already received an offer to become faculty.

Can I apply if I visited OIST before as Visiting Scholar, as participant of a Thematic Program, etc.?

Yes, previously accepted candidates may apply for another visit.

Do I have to know someone at OIST to apply?

It is not necessary to already have contacts at OIST. However, "Benefit to OIST, e.g. through interactions with and across OIST Units" is a selection criterion. Therefore, it is advisable to check which research units at OIST work on similar topics and consider how you could interact with them and possibly start collaborations.

Do visitors receive a salary?

Appointment as Visiting Scholar may be taken while on leave or sabbatical from another university. In exceptional situations, successful candidates may be able to apply for support with salary, where this is necessary to facilitate the visit, and they can provide evidence of their need.

Can I visit for less than 3 months?

Visits of 1 to 3 months may also be approved where special circumstances prevent a longer visit. Please describe those circumstances in the application.
If your planned visit is of only a few weeks, and you plan to mainly interact with one unit, please consider contacting/visiting that that unit directly.

Researchers in Japan can visit through the Domestic program, which allows for several short visits over a period of usually 3 months.

Can I apply by email?

No, please submit your application through the "Interfolio" portal. The members of the selection committees use Interfolio to check and rate all applications.

Do I need a host unit/research group at OIST?

TSVP Visitors do not require a host unit at OIST. They can interact freely with any group and researcher at OIST.

Only visitors through the Experimental Visiting Scholar Program (EVSP) need a host lab in order to get access to experimental facilities (please submit a letter of support from that unit's PI in the application).