Domestic Visitors


The Domestic Visitor program was established in 2023 to facilitate visits of researchers working in Japan. The program was created in recognition of the constraints faced by scientists working at Japanese institutes, who often cannot travel for extended periods, but are in a position to make repeated visits to Okinawa.

Domestic Visitors (DV) are individual visitors, who are working in Japan during their proposed visit. Their visits to OIST are usually between 2 weeks and 3 months and may be split into several shorter visits. Domestic Visitors carry out independent research at OIST, and interact with several OIST Research Units during their stay. No teaching duties come with the position. However, Domestic Visitors are expected to give a seminar about their research within the first month of their visit and contribute to the interdisciplinary research environment at OIST. The application is on a rolling deadline (open now), with at least two selections per year (July and January).

Domestic Visitors can come from all scientific fields connected to OIST.