Career Talk: "Systematic Reviews for Beginners" by Malgorzata Lagisz


Tuesday, September 26, 2023 - 10:00


C700, Lab 3


The main points of the talk are summarized in this paper:


Writing a Review to Publish: Two Tales
presented by Dr. Malgorzata (Losia) Lagisz and Prof. Shinichi Nakagawa (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)

Part 1: "Systematic Reviews for Beginners" (90 min)

September 26 from 10:00 in C700

This interactive workshop is intended for those starting or considering a systematic review-like project. I will provide a quick overview of the systematic review process. The focus will be on the most common traps you may encounter and ways to avoid them. The interactive presentation will be followed by a Q&A session. For example, you may want to ask: "What are the types of reviews and what are they good for?", "What is a great topic for a systematic-like review?", "How long will it take?" etc.


Profile: Malgorzata Lagisz is a biologist with research experience and skills in different fields of science. She often ventures outside biological topics and data, such as biomedical, environmental, conservation, or even social sciences. In her research, she uses research synthesis methods, such as systematic reviews/maps and meta-analyses.
Losia is visiting OIST until September 30, 2023 and affiliated with the Theoretical Sciences Visiting Program (TSVP).


Part 2: "How To Write a Lot and Well" (90 min)

September 27 from 10:00 in C700



For students to receive PCD credits. All others can register optionally.



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