Seminar by Prof. Yukitoshi Motome (Univ. of Tokyo)


Monday, July 13, 2015 - 15:30 to 16:30


D015, Lab1


Seminar Information:

  •   Date: Monday, 13th July
  •   Time: 15:30-16:30
  •   Venue: D015, Lab1
  •   Speaker: Professor Yukitoshi Motome (University of Tokyo)
Thermodynamics of quantum spin liquids:
Magnetic Three States of Matter and Hunting of Majorana Fermions in Quantum Magnets

The quantum spin liquid is an exotic quantum state of matter in magnets, where conventional symmetry breaking is prevented down to the lowest temperature by strong quantum fluctuations. It has attracted interest from not only condensed matter physics but also quantum information, owing to the anticipated topological properties. In order to clarify the nature of the enigmatic state and the relation to a paramagnetic state (spin gas) and a magnetically-ordered state (spin solid), we investigate thermodynamic properties of the Kitaev model and its variants, in which the exact solutions prove the quantum spin liquids in the ground state. We will discuss the surprisingly rich behaviors of quantum spin liquids revealed by our numerical simulations, including thermal fractionalization of quantum spins into Majorana fermions, ``liquid-gas" transition by proliferation of loops of excited fluxes, and phase diagram of ``magnetic three states of matter".


Hosted by Theory of Quantum Matter Unit

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