[Seminar] "Nonsymmorphic crystal and topological phases of matters" by Prof. SungBin Lee


Friday, September 14, 2018 - 14:30 to 15:30


C016 (Lab1, Level C)


Prof. SungBin Lee

KAIST, Korea


  Ph.D University of California, Santa Barbara (2006-2012)

  B.S Tokyo Institute of Technology (2003-2006)


Intertwined crystal symmetry and topological phases or matters gives rise to rich physics in strongly correlated electronic system. In particular, the presence of finite gap in nonsymmorphic crystals at certain integer fillings have very strong condition which the system has to be topologically ordered if the crystal symmetry is preserved. In this case, we consider the Shastry Sutherland lattice as an example of two dimensional nonsymmorphic crystals and show their unique vison excitations as low energy properties. We also discuss the possibility of topological insulating phase stabilized by breaking nonsymmorphic symmetries.     

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