Seminar : N-band Hopf insulator


Wednesday, January 20, 2021 - 16:30 to 17:30




Dr. Luka Trifunovic - University of Zurich, Switzerland

I studied physics at the University of Belgrade (Serbia). After obtaining my Ph.D. from the University of Basel in 2014, two postdoctoral stays at Freie Universität Berlin (Germany) and RIKEN (Japan) followed. I am currently an Ambizione fellow at the University of Zürich (Switzerland).

N-band Hopf insulator

I will discuss generalization of the three-dimensional Hopf insulator to the case of many bands, where all the bands are separated from each other by the band gaps. I also discuss the bulk-boundary correspondence of these insulators, and argue that the quantized boundary effect can be only measured in a non-equilibrium state.


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