[Seminar] Dr. Victor Drouin-Touchette "Simulating Spin Systems Using Programmable Quantum Simulators"


Wednesday, April 10, 2024 - 09:00 to 10:00





Dr. Victor Drouin-Touchette / Université de Sherbrooke, PASCAL


Simulating Spin Systems Using Programmable Quantum Simulators


In the first half, I will present my recent results on simulating frustrated spin systems (the transverse field Ising model on the Kagome lattice) using DWave's programmable quantum annealer. The use of advanced protocols, error mitigation techniques and the latest DWave prototype allows us to implement a large-scale quantum simulation. After comparing to QMC results, we find qualitative agreement, while the quantitative mismatch points to possible improvements of the device. In the second half, I will discuss how one can view quantum simulators, such as PASQAL's neutral atom quantum computer, as a useful resource for solving complex computational tasks.



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