Hybrid Chemical Vapor Deposition (HCVD) System for Manufacturing Perovskite (No. 0068, 0089, 0182)

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A novel HCVD system for rapidly manufacturing high quality perovskite layers used in solar cells or other semiconductor devices.

The global perovskite market size is over 450 million USD and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.8%. Perovskites are at the forefront of materials research because of their wide range of potential applications including solar cells, LED lights, display screens, memory devices (RAM), lasers, batteries, and photodetectors. However, current CVD methods are too slow (requires several hours) and thus unattractive for scaling up production. Here, we present a promising perovskite manufacturing system developed by a group of researchers led by Prof. Yabing Qi. The developed HCVD method significantly reduces the time to manufacture perovskite related products.


Lead Researcher:
Yabing Qi

Faculty of Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit


  • Solar Cell
  • Batteries
  • Semiconductor Devices (LED, memory, photodetector, laser)



  • Rapid Production (Deposition time < 10 min)
  • High Quality and Uniform Films (Power conversion efficiency of 12.3% for 22.4 cm2 cell)
  • Suppressed Hysteresis



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The technology is based on a novel HCVD system for fabricating a perovskite film. The system includes a CVD furnace having two temperature-controlled sections. One or more substrates are loaded in a downstream temperature-controlled section, and an evaporation unit containing an organic halide material is loaded in an upstream temperature-controlled section. Each of the substrates is pre-deposited with a metal halide material and react with the vapor of the organic halide vapor to rapidly form perovskite. As a result, this hybrid system of (1) pre-depositing and (2) vaporizing, provides a higher quality perovskite film.


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