1-3. Moving Company

1-3-1. On-site survey

Two moving companies will be assigned to go to your place for on-site survey visit. If on-site is impossible, the movers could arrange video, telephone, or email survey as well.

What items can be shipped and cannot be shipped?

The general household goods can be transported under the relocation expense and the following items cannot be included as household goods.

  • Items which are subject to the Washington Convention and have restrictions on import and export.
  • Dangerous goods and other items that cannot be handled as moving goods
  • Items that require separate insurance such as antiques and valuables
  • Items that require special packaging or transportation charges
  • Items that require special prior approval for import
  • Foods, drinks and anything go into your mouth in general  (e.g., rice, beans, wine, vitamin pills* and etc.)
  • Any other items not deemed necessary by OIST

It is up to you to send any of the above items at your own expenses.

*NOTE: some vitamin pills may require advance importing procedure, please also refer to the 1-2-3. Pharmaceutical advice

1-3-2. Quotation

Both companies submit their quotation after the survey and OIST selects one company after comparison.

1-3-3. Shipment pick-up and delivery.

Once the mover is selected, you and mover communicate directly each other. Please schedule the shipment pick-up day prior to your departure and arrange delivery date when you move in your permanent residence in Okinawa.

1-3-4. Custom Declaration form

You will receive two Custom Declaration Forms in the aircraft. Please submit one of the forms at the airport quarantine and bring another one to us. A staff of Relocation Team will send it to the selected mover.