FAQ HR Relocation

How long does the CoE take to be issued?

It depends on your nationality and your visa status, however, it usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks to be issued.

Can I apply for a visa while I am on a business trip to a different country?

You can apply your visa in the country of your residence or in the country of your nationality.

Can you support my family members’ visas?

Yes, OIST supports your family members’ visas if they are relocating with you or within three months from the CoE issuance. If your family members will relocate later than three months from the CoE issuance date, you will need to apply their CoEs once you arrive in Okinawa.

Should I apply for a multiple visa because I know I will be out of Japan sometimes during my stay?

This is not necessary. Once you enter Japan with the provided visa, your legal residence is guaranteed during the period of stay on your Residence Card, which is either given to you at major airports or delivered to your registered address.

I have an unmarried partner coming along. Will you arrange her/him the CoE ?

We can’t arrange your partner’s CoE or visa because Japanese government doesn’t issue dependent visas for unmarried partners even though some couples are regarded as common-law marriage in certain countries. In order to apply for dependent visas, you have to prove your marriage with official documents clearly stating your marriage status.

I do not plan to ship anything, can I use the moving allowance for buying furniture and appliances once I arrive in Okinawa instead?

No. The moving allowance is only used for your household shipments. OIST does not provide the moving allowance for purchasing things in Okinawa.

I only have a couple of boxes to send. Can I send them by postal service and get reimbursed?

No. Even if your shipment is small, we ask you to use a mover. Movers can survey through email or telephone for small shipments without visiting your place.

Can I arrange a local mover by myself and get reimbursed?

No. Fundamentally OIST cannot reimburse a moving cost. The Relocation Team contacts at least two moving companies for quotations. The least expensive company will be selected.

Can I book my flights by myself and get reimbursed?

Fundamentally the Relocation Team books your flights in accordance with the relocation travel regulation.

When Can I relocate to Japan?

The relocation period is from 14 days prior to your hiring date and you are expected to arrive Okinawa and be present at OIST on/before your hiring date.

I have some electronics items like iron, electric kettle and sandwich maker. They use voltage of 220-240 V, as I know Japan use 110 V socket, I want to ask that will my electrical appliances work in Japan (using universal adapter)?

If you use the universal adopter and converter, these items may work. This web-page may be useful. https://selectra.jp/en/living-japan/guide/voltage

How much cash should I carry?

If you are referring to the cost in Tokyo, please refer to the costs for foods for your reference: https://matcha-jp.com/en/2532 Some new arrivals brings cash and withdraw money from bank or send money to Japanese bank from Overseas bank account as soon as they open bank in Okinawa. The initial cost of signing a housing contract is probably the biggest concern, some agents may be able to wait a few days for payment. In any case, relocation team staff will work with you to make arrangements. You can obtain the full version from following: Welcome package. Please also visit relocation web for general information too: https://groups.oist.jp/hr-relocation

What all payment methods are available there other than credit card?

You can bring some cash for daily necessities but you can also use credit card to make payments in most shops in Japan.

Can I get the cash (Japanese yen) in Seven Eleven using any credit card of India?

In most major international credit card should work and can withdraw money from Seven eleven machine but it is not guaranteed 100%. Please refer to the following: https://www.sevenbank.co.jp/intlcard/index2.html You may also be able to withdraw money from Post Bank ATM depending on your bank. (you may get information from your bank).

Can OIST cover my family's relocation?

There is two conditions for your family's relocation to be covered by OIST; remaining of your employment contract term is longer than 6 months at the time of your family's relocation travel starts, and if your family arrived within 1 year from your relocation. The date of your relocation is determined by the start date of your relocation travel. If your relocation travel started on the 1st of Janauary 2021, your family needs to travel by the 31st of December, 2021. The arrival date at Okinawa may also be considered if there will be a large gap between the start and end of travel date.

I live in Mainland Japan and need to change my visa status upon taking up the OIST employment. Could I apply for a visa change in Okinawa?

You need to apply for a visa change at the immigration office which has jurisdiction over your residence. If your address is registered in mainland Japan, you need to aplpy at the apporopriate immigration office in the mainland. This is the least time-consuming option in the most case. If you would like to apply for a visa change at the immigration office in Okinawa, you need to first move your address to Okinawa (meaning, you need to find the place to live, close housing contract and transfer your address registration.). You need to also consider paying for the rent as OIST will not provide housing allowance before your employment starts. OIST can only co-sign your housing lease during your appointment so you will need to find a co-signer to closed the housing contract as well.

Can I send a personal packaget to OIST since I do not have an address in Okinawa?

OIST cannot receive the personal package since every postal packages need to go through inspection at the inspection centre of OIST. If you are sending something from Overseas, please include it in your relocation shipment. If sending package by Japan Post, you may be able to send it to pickup at the local post office of Okinawa.

One of the mover suggest the online survery/virtual survery for quotation while the other made appointment to visit my place. Can I proceed with each mover as is?

onsite survery is preferrable to avoid any misscommunication.However, vitual survery is acceptable considering the pandemic situation. please make sure to inform both movers have noticed all of your items.

Can I fly with Skymark?

Your flight can be arranged with ANA or JAL since OIST has business account with both company and you are asked to fly with ANA or JAL. Please inform the relocation team staff if you have no alternative other than Skymark.

What is included in the initial cost?

Deposit, Fire Insurance, Rent, Common Service Fee, Parking Fee, Car parking lot brokerage fee, Brokerage Fee
*Depending on the move-in day schedule, the first month rent (Partial) and full rent for the next month will be charged.

Where can I get a access card for my family?

Please go to the Resource Center or visit their website : https://groups.oist.jp/resource-center/family-member-access-card

Where can I get a bus pass for my family?

Please visit the facility section's website: https://groups.oist.jp/bfm/shuttle-bus-pass-application.

Do housings in Japan come with furniture? Is it uncommon to rent furnished properties here?

Majority of the apartment units are unfurnished.

What kind of furniture is included in furnished apartments?

Usually stove and air conditioner are installed. Some may have other appliances, but
it is depending on the unit.

Where can I get information on the local bus?

Please visit : https://groups.oist.jp/conference-venues/bus#local

How does the whole contract and moving-in process go?

1. Submit the application.
2. Sign the contract.
3. Obtain the OIST Seal on the contract.
5. Settle the payment (Bank transfer/ convenience store payment/ cash).
4. Visit the agency, go over the contract, purchase the fire insurance, receive the key.
5.Move in.

What's the payment method for the initial cost?

Bank transfer/ convenience store payment/ cash

Where can I get information on the internet company?

Please visit GLBB website https://www.glbb.jp/ or visit Resource Center
*Service is provided in English.

What facilities does it have for cooking in the temporary accommodation on campus?

The temporary accommodation is equipped with essential electronics, kitchen appliances such as pots, pans, spoons, forks, knives, cups, microwaves, stoves and etc.…

Is there any restaurants or convenience store near/on OIST?

【Restaurants & Shop】
There is a small shop called Jimmy's on campus, you can find its location on the second attached map.
There is a coffee shop as well as the restaurant on Floor B&C, in the Center building.
  AIEN Coffee & Bakery: Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00, Saturday 08:00-15:00 (Sweets Time: Mondays and Tuesdays, 14:00-18:00)
Location: Center Building, Floor C
  Restaurant: Monday to Friday 11:30-14:00
Location: Center Building, Floor B
  Jimmy's: Convenience Store 10:30 - 19:30 (Closed on Sundays, national Holidays)
Location: Village Center
  Food Vendors: https://groups.oist.jp/csd/food-vendors
Location: Center Building, Floor C

When do I get the permanent employee ID?

It takes about two weeks after your starting date. You will be advised by HR Recruiting team when it is ready.

Where can I get the PCR test kit?

You can obtain the test kit at the Health Center located on  the Floor B, Center Building.